AAHI is an IT solutions and private education training provider offering consultancy, professional and managed services and software development, Web Designing, Networking with a reputation for excellence in supporting and serving our customers.

As a private training provider we provide various course to our learner. Our learners come from a wide geographical area covering the all areas of London. We are an equal opportunities company that strongly promotes its policy with all employers and learners.

AAHI is a multi-vocational provider with learners working and training mainly within the following areas: ICT, Administration, Accounts, Customer Service, Learning Development and Support Services for Young People.

Mission Statement:
AAHI aims to be a leading provider of quality training, advice and support to the local community through:
implementing national vocational training standards

providing up to date training information

delivering high quality information, advice and guidance

matching the training needs of the local community to the training
requirements of the business community

ensuring that equality of opportunity underpins our service to the community

We take pride in our excellent record of flexibility and responsiveness in relation to employers and learners needs. The majority of our programmes are entirely workplace based. Our highly qualified staff work on a one-to-one or group basis with employees and deliver the training entirely in the work place through regular, structured assessor visits.